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link Hi. I’m a Game Developer from Germany currently working for Ubisoft Blue Byte.
As for now I have experience with the programming languages c, c++ and c#.
Furthermore I worked with Unity, Unreal, Git, SDL, GTest and Visual Studio.
Astronomy and space flight nerd, likes to play some musical instruments for example Drums and Guitar.


LOGO Uisoft Connect
Ubisoft Connect is the ecosystem of players services for Ubisoft games across all platforms. It aims at giving the best environment for all players to enjoy their games and connect with each other whatever the device.
This game was created as part of the GMTK gameJam.
Dear Bonsai Lover,
Please take care of our little friend we would like to see him at the next bonsai championship.
It’s an unique tree, growing quite fast.
Be sure he has enough leaves but not too many!
Keep it balanced to gain points and dont let things go out of control!
LOGO Pew Pew -Battlefield Architect-
This game was created as a third semester project as Gameprogrammer at the Games Academy.
Battlefield Architect is a World War strategy sim in which the player plays only a planning / supporting role. Help your AI units by securing strategically important positions and help them advance into enemy territory.
LOGO Flood Racer
This game was created as part of a 48h internal Games Academy gameJam.
Flood Racer is a endless racing game where you have to escape a giant tsunami wave through a breathtaking low-poly city.
LOGO Pew Pew -Battle Colosseum-
This game was created as a second semester project as Gameprogrammer at the Games Academy.
Pew Pew Battle Colosseum is a funny 2D PvP Shooter in a distinct comic book style arena. Use the recoil of your weapon to navigate through a low gravity environment and shoot your opponents down.
LOGO Gladiator Academy
This game was created as part of a 48h internal Games Academy gameJam.
The Gladiator Academy has an ongoing competition with the School for Gladiators. You are hired as the new manager and the Academy’s fate lies in your hands. Train your Gladiators for upcoming arena battles, cure your survivors or recruit fresh meat to raise the Academy’s Glory.
This game was created as a second semester project as Gamedesigner at the Games Academy.
V.I.R.U.S is an isometric 3D stealth puzzler in which the player is a virus and tries to infiltrate a system. For this he uses different skills to trick security systems.
LOGO Pirate arena
This game was created as part of a 48h internal Games Academy gameJam.
A local 1on1 Pirate Seafight Game.
LOGO Hammerjaeger
This game was created as a first semester project at the Games Academy.
Instead of rats and mice, robots invade our homes. A former exterminator rises to be the hero to save humanity from destruction. His name is Hammerjaeger and with his mighty hammer he is the only one capable to put an end to the robot terror!
LOGO Abteilung-F
This game was created as part of a 48h gameJam called FakeJam.
You’re an employee of the Free State Department of Communications and working there as a Fact Checker in the newly established Department F. Your job is to review posts from the public media on their veracity. Decide on this basis whether or not it is Fake News.

Curriculum Vitae

10.2020 - Ongoing Work at Ubisoft Blue Byte
- In Düsseldorf
- As Junior C++ Application Programmer
- worked on Client
04.2018 - 09.2020 Games Academy
- In Berlin
- degree in Game Design and Game Programming.
04.2018 - 11.2018 Work on Abteilung-F
- As a Game Designer and Programmer
- Exhibitor on a variety of exhibitions (Play18 Festival, GamesCom, Talk and Play)
12.2013 - 04.2018 Volunteer firefighter
- Voluntary service to the community in Neukirchen/Hirten (Bavaria)
- Bronze badge
- Truppmann I education
09.2013 - 04.2018 Apprenticeship and Work at Schwanner GmbH
- In Hirten (Bavaria)
- As Technical Draftsperson Subject Area: Steel and Metal Construction Engineering
11.2017 Spiele Wiesn
- Exhibitor in Munich (MOC)
- With a not yet published board game
07.2013 - 12.2015 Learned C and C++
- With the help of my best friend
09.2007 - 07.2013 Realschule
- In Altötting (Herzog-Ludwig Realschule) (Bavaria)
- Elective Subject: Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology
02.2012 Jugend forscht
- Exhibitor in Munich (EADS)
- With the Physical battery: a method to store electricity decentralised
- Special award for innovation.



LinkedIn: in/andreas-edmeier